A booger, peeking itself out in public

We’ve all had one…

Yesterday I had a visible booger in my nostril for about 30 minutes when walking around in public. I even had it in there when ordering food from a to-go place and flirting with the cashier.

She was so nice. She stood there and talked to me, booger and all. I told her how it was nice seeing her and her mother the other day, walking home when her shift was done. I told her that it made sense why she was so pretty.

All with the booger in my nose! 👃

But I didn’t know it at the time. I was all smiles. All la-dee-dah, sun on my face, excited about the prospect of asking her out the next day. And then I got to my coworking space and went in the bathroom.


I was momentarily mortified, but then a few seconds passed and I was back to smiles. It’s just a booger, I thought. A simple combo of salt and mucus. And it was in my nose. That is all. Pick that baby out and move forward. And maybe wish a little that the cashier found my booger comical instead of awkward.

Thinking back though, it does seem like she cut our conversation a little short.

What is your public booger story? I know you have one. Tell me about it in the comments below.

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