Short- and long-term goals

This post is to help me stay on target with my goals. By completing goals, I come closer to realizing what I’m intended to do. 

The goals don’t have strict time frames for completion. Rather, they prescribe taking action on a consistent basis (i.e. every day, every weekday, etc). This is less stressful and allows me to actually enjoy what I’m working toward.

Long-Term Goals

These are the things that are most important to me. Therefore they should be done every day and first thing in the morning before I start my daily grind. Priorities deserve priority.

Reminder: Don't have more than two big goals at any given time. You've done this before and, because of the quantity, the goals become more stressful than fun. They should be fun!
Write a feature film spec script

Good movies are special to me. I want to create one that’s special to others.

  • Read The Screenwriter’s Bible while writing
  • Find fellow group of screenwriters
  • Rewrite screenplay based on feedback
  • Repeat feedback and rewrite process
  • Pitch script to producers and directors
Speak conversational Spanish

South America is close to home and feels like a second home. Learning to speak the continent’s primary language will let me travel (and live) there comfortably. It will also open up new writing and business opportunities.

  • Practice with Pimsleur
  • Practice with teacher online two days per week
  • Have conversation with Ana in Spanish
  • Travel to South America and only speak Spanish

Short-Term Goals

These are experiments and things I can do in a relatively short time frame to (potentially) improve my life for the long term.

Get job at a cool company

I used to take writing and marketing jobs at any type of company. That’s not what I’m going for this time around. As long as they paid decently, I told them to sign me up.

  • Refine resume, cover letter, portfolio, and pitch to reflect the kind of job I want and company I want to work with
  • Apply to 5 cool jobs every weekday

Completed Goals

Get published on popular blog – COMPLETE

A few years ago I published articles on Elite Daily that got a lot of attention. Some people even told me that my articles changed their lives. This was inspiring. I want to do this again (and expand my writing portfolio).

  • Work on article every weekday evening
  • Submit to friends and family for feedback
  • Make revisions based on feedback
  • Repeat feedback and revision process
  • Submit to popular publishers that publish meaningful stories

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