How to use Twitter ads to 13x engagement with company announcements

Recently I’ve been using Twitter Ads to promote blog posts that announce new features. While I don’t typically trust social media sites for content promotion, I thought I’d give Twitter Ads a shot.

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Always attribute content to revenue, even if measurement is imperfect

Pardon me, but social shares and pageviews mean shit (unless you’re making money off advertising). If your end game as a business is selling products and services, metrics like these are meaningless. They are vanity metrics. Continue reading “Always attribute content to revenue, even if measurement is imperfect”

What happens to content after hitting publish

After joining a tech startup specializing in content delivery networks in November 2014, I realized there was a lot I didn’t know about “how content worked.” Specifically web content. I was a pro at hitting publish, but didn’t know how my content was being delivered to the devices of my audience.

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3 takeaways from my first podcast interview on content marketing

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Content Champion podcast hosted by Loz James. This was my first time being publicly interviewed about my content marketing experience. It was slightly nerve-wracking but a lot of fun. Loz’s engaging, casual style made it easy for me to open up. Continue reading “3 takeaways from my first podcast interview on content marketing”

Minimum viable content and 4 examples

I’m sure I’m not the first to use the term “minimum viable content.” And to avoid being affected by someone else’s definition, I’m not going to Google the term before writing this.

But I do know for a fact that two other terms with the phrase “minimum viable” in front of them have been talked about extensively: minimum viable product and minimum viable audience.

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How to make WordPress 160% faster

Setting up a CDN for WordPress is confusing. I often hear this from people who want to make their WordPress site faster. And I can completely relate to what they’re saying. When I first tried setting up a CDN on my WordPress site a few years back (before I was hired by MaxCDN), I was a little lost too.

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No more original content on LinkedIn

I first heard about digital sharecropping on Copyblogger. This is when you publish original content on a platform you don’t own like LinkedIn or Facebook. After you click “Publish” or “Save,” the platform takes control of the content you created. Basically, you create the content, but it’s not yours.

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