Memories of a bittersweet college experience

College was a shitshow of emotions.

Educationally, it was me switching from civil engineering to creative writing two years in. Romantically, it was me having a steady girlfriend for two years then exploring the world of infinite women at house parties and frat parties. Psychologically, it was me being anxious about school on the weekdays and letting loose on the weekends. Continue reading “Memories of a bittersweet college experience”

Home body weight workouts on YouTube I’ve been doing for 4 years

When I was in college I went to the gym at least four days per week. Not because I liked it but because I wanted to make an impression on college girls. Now my primary reason for working out is to feel good and look a little better than I did yesterday.

Both can be achieved without a gym. Continue reading “Home body weight workouts on YouTube I’ve been doing for 4 years”

Remote job study: Helping a chemist get paid to write

I’ve landed three remote jobs in the past two years for marketing and writing roles. To verify that my process for landing remote jobs works for other professions, I’m helping some of my friends land remote jobs.

After I have a widely applicable framework, I’ll be launching a free course to help anyone get a remote job. You can sign up to get notified about this course at the end of this post. Continue reading “Remote job study: Helping a chemist get paid to write”

Working remotely can suck as much as the office. Do you really want a remote job?

Over a year ago I asked my full-time employer if I could work remotely. I was getting antsy at the company, less motivated, and slightly bitter about my salary (not warranted on my part – I was paid just fine). I thought working from home would fix this and make me happier. After all, the company was making some pretty cool products and I liked my role (content marketer).

Surprisingly, the company let me leave Los Angeles and work remotely in Pittsburgh, my hometown. Continue reading “Working remotely can suck as much as the office. Do you really want a remote job?”

Google Calendar Reminders vs Todoist

If you’re looking for a software tool to organize your day and keep you on track to completing your goals, both of these tools are great. But here I’ll quickly show you why I ended up switching back to Google Calendar reminders from the free version of Todoist after a year of using the latter. Continue reading “Google Calendar Reminders vs Todoist”

What’s more important: an experience or a picture?

This article is not intended for professional photographers, hobbyist photographers, or people who get a good deal of satisfaction from taking pictures. If taking photos is meaningful to you, keep doing it. This article is for everyone with a smartphone who takes pictures without knowing why. This used to be me…

There are a few reasons why I used to take more photos than I do now (which is hardly any)… Continue reading “What’s more important: an experience or a picture?”

Hard choices, easy life

When someone is in the midst of a big decision, I offer them some advice. I tell them that the harder choice is often the right choice.

I’ve been giving this advice to people since high school. There wasn’t a specific event that brought me to this conclusion about decision-making. I said it one day to my high school sweetheart and it just made sense. It was one of those rare occasions when the subconscious let’s a truth about life slip into the conscious mind. Continue reading “Hard choices, easy life”

The best indie rock album of 2016 (make that 2017, too)

Do you like Blink 182 and Modest Mouse and appreciate a band that can be both silly and passionate?

Last year I stumbled upon a band named Sioux Falls, a trio of young guys from South Dakota. I immediately loved the raw and whimsical quality of their music. It has the right amount of angst and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s perfect for escaping some of the unnecessary seriousness of life. Continue reading “The best indie rock album of 2016 (make that 2017, too)”