Becoming vegan, becoming decent

This article was originally published on The Mission.

I was once ignorant and rolled my eyes at vegans. I stereotyped these plant-first eaters as potheads who listened to too much public radio and defended my reasoning for eating animal products with the untimely argument of ancestry. Continue reading “Becoming vegan, becoming decent”

An important podcast episode about death

I listened to a podcast episode called The Ending Matters on my afternoon walk today. The title of the podcast caught my eye (Terrible, Thanks for Asking) and its latest episode was trending on Spotify. I gave it a listen. A hard listen. Continue reading “An important podcast episode about death”

A sweet short film about burying a placenta

I found this short film “Margo Lily” on the About page of the Short of the Week site where short films are posted regularly. The film is by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart who made another sweet short film about a one-night stand not gone as planned. Continue reading “A sweet short film about burying a placenta”

How to get a full-time remote job [5-day challenge]

In 2017 I traveled to 12 countries in 7 months with We Roam and in 2016 I traveled all over the United States. These adventures were possible because I had a full-time remote job.

I want others to have opportunities like this, which is why I created this challenge. Over the next five days I’ll show you exactly what I do to land full-time remote jobs. (I’ve landed three in my career.) Continue reading “How to get a full-time remote job [5-day challenge]”

How to find remote jobs at startups with AngelList

AngelList is a place where early and late stage startups list open job positions and information about their funding rounds. Because working remotely is more accepted in the startup world, many companies on AngelList have remote positions. Continue reading “How to find remote jobs at startups with AngelList”

How to create an online resume with the VisualCV resume builder

After you create a cover letter template that tells the story of the professional you, you need to create a resume that has the same momentum.

The reason the story-driven approach to cover letters appeals to remote companies is because it’s different. It reads like a cover letter that goes against cover letter law. This against-the-grain approach matches a remote company’s culture. Continue reading “How to create an online resume with the VisualCV resume builder”