Hey — my name’s Rob!

Robert Gibb

I’m an aspiring screenwriter and marketer. I’m currently writing my first spec script for a feature length film and working at an awesome tech startup in Boston.

On this site I write about everything. It’s a public warehouse of my ideas and experiences. I publish my writing online because it centralizes everything in one place that’s easily searchable, which is convenient for me. Then there’s the side benefit of inspiring others with my writing.

In our results-oriented society, people talk about goals a lot. And I no doubt have a lot of them. But at the end of the day I only really want two things: more love and optimism. With these two things, everything good follows, so I try to practice them daily.

P.S. — I’m experimenting with ways to organize this site. There’s a bit of writing behind this front page that’s not currently visible. That will change soon.