How to transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains

In this tutorial I show you how to transfer the management of your domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains. Transferring your domain doesn’t require any technical knowledge and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Introduction: Why I Switched to Google Domains

There are three reasons why I decided to transfer all of my domains from GoDaddy to Google:

  1. Google Domains makes domains private for free. GoDaddy charges you for this. Making your domain private is important because people can use a Whois lookup tool to find personal information like your address and phone number if it’s public.

  2. Google Domains is user-friendly. The control panel is minimalistic and settings are easy to adjust. Unlike GoDaddy, Google Domains focuses on one thing – domain management – and doesn’t complicate things by trying to sell you features you don’t need.

  3. Google is a forward-thinking company. In addition to offering the general public free cloud storage (Google Drive), Google also helps make the web faster and more secure through ongoing research and experimentation.

Tutorial: 10-Minute Switch from GoDaddy Domains to Google Domains

To complete the switch you can follow my video tutorial or step-by-step written tutorial below.

If you find yourself lost at any time during this tutorial you can contact Google Domains or call GoDaddy at (480) 505-8877. You can also check out Google Domain’s tutorials and GoDaddy’s domain-related tutorials.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Go to and click Manage My Domains:

    Top navigation bar on Google Domains site

  2. Select the Transfer in tab in the left panel and enter your domain into the search bar. Then click Continue:

    Transfer domain bar on Google Domains site

    If you’re greeted with a message that looks like this…

    Step 1 for the Google Domains transfer option

    …proceed to Step 6. But if you’re greeted with a message that says you need to contact Google’s support team, proceed to Step 3.

  3. Go to the Google Domains contact us page. Click the Chat with us link:

    Contact us options for Google Domains

  4. When the support agent asks how they can help you, copy/paste the following into the chat box:Hi. I’m trying to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains. Your system is saying that I’m able to transfer the domain but need to contact support. I believe something needs parsed. May you complete the parsing process for [enter your domain]?

  5. After the parsing process is complete, log in to your GoDaddy account.

  6. Click on the Manage tab next in the Domains row:

    Dashboard that appears after signing in to GoDaddy

  7. Find the box designated for the domain you’re transferring. Click on the settings/gear icon and select the Domain settings option:

    Domain settings box in GoDaddy

  8. Scroll to the Additional Settings section at the bottom of the page. Click the Edit link next to the Domain lock option. If your domain is locked you’ll see a green bar.

  9. Click the green bar. It will turn gray and the you will see Domain lock option turn to Off:

    Additional Settings box in GoDaddy Domains dashboard

    You will receive an email from GoDaddy that looks like this:

    Domain status notification email sent by GoDaddy

  10. Go back to the Transfer in page on Google Domains.If you left the tab open, refresh the page by clicking the My domains tab in the left panel. Now click the Transfer in tab again.

  11. Enter your domain into the search bar. You should see this:

    Step 1 of Google Domains transfer process

    If the b circle is not green, make your contact info public. After you do this, repeat Step 11.

  12. Go back to the Additional Settings section in GoDaddy. Click on the Authorization Code link in the right column. You will receive an email that looks like this:

    Authorization code email sent by GoDaddy

  13. Go back to your Google Domains browser tab. Enter the authorization code into the Authorization code box next to the d circle:

    Authorization code box in the Google Domains transfer dashboard

  14. Click Accept and proceed.

  15. A second step will appear asking you how Google Domains should configure your domain:

    Step 2 of Google Domains transfer process

    Don’t change the selected option. Just click Accept and proceed.

  16. A third and final step will appear asking you to confirm the transfer and the charges:

    Step 3 of Google Domains transfer process

    Click Transfer.

  17. A popup will appear asking for your name, address, and other information. Enter your information and select the option that says Make my info private. Then click Continue:

    Public and private info option that appears before transferring domain in Google Domains

    As mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial, selecting this option will hide your personal information from the public.

  18. Another popup will appear asking for payment info. Enter payment info then click Buy.

  19. You will receive an email from Google asking you to confirm the transfer. At the bottom of the email, click Confirm Transfer.After this you’ll be directed to a page asking you to confirm the transfer yet again. Click the Transfer button

  20. At this point you’ve done everything you can. Now it’s on GoDaddy to release your domain to Google Domains. According to Google, this can take up to five days.

    Don’t stop here!

    After you successfully transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains, you’ll have the beginnings of a foundation for a powerful website.

    If you need help building your website, I recommend following my tutorial or purchasing the book How to Build a Beautiful Website on Your Own Domain from Scratch on Amazon.

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