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Get a Full-Time Remote Job

Learn how to find remote jobs, apply to them, and land them so you can align your workstyle with your lifestyle 💻 🌎 ⛱️


Less time in the office, more time where you want to be

My name’s Rob, and this email course contains the same tactics I used to land three remote jobs in my career. I created it because working remotely opened up opportunities that didn’t exist for me with office jobs.

In 2017 I traveled to 12 countries in 7 months, and in 2016 I traveled all over the United States. I want others to have opportunities like this as well but the barrier to entry to get a full-time remote job is too high. This course will help change that.

Whether you want to travel, take care of an elderly or sick family member, or simply work for a company that trusts its employees enough to let them work remotely, this course is for you.

Taking an afternoon break to see the Cliffs of Moher while working remotely in Ireland 😀

Get one step closer to working remotely each day

Day 1
How to organize your job search and find remote positions

Day 2
How to write stories that get more responses than cover letters

Day 3
How to create an online resume that hiring managers love

Day 4
How to use AngelList, your remote job search weapon

Day 5
How to apply to cool remote companies that don’t have open positions

Day 6
How to send custom messages to dozens of hiring managers in one click

Day 7
How to travel the world and work remotely

“I work with remote workers every day and have never seen anyone land a remote job as fast as Rob. If you want to work remotely, sign up for this course.”

Blaine Anderson, Travel and Operations @ We Roam