Education time should be 20-40x less than time spent

Two months before going to Chile in March 2016, I decided to learn conversational Spanish. I was only spending 10 days in the country and decided to dedicate an hour a day learning the language. That’s 60 days, so 60 hours. Given we’re only awake for about 16 hours of the day, this equals 4 days.

The fact that I didn’t learn conversational Spanish aside (I never carved out that hour on a daily basis), my approach was shit. I was taking on an all-or-nothing approach. Not only did I not have time for it, dedicating that much time was wasteful. If I planned on living in South America for years, the hour a day would have made sense, and I would have been motivated to do it. But I was only spending 2x less on education time (learning Spanish) than I was spending in the actual country.

This was a terribly unproductive approach. It was also wasteful in monetarily. I bought the Roseyta Stone course when I should have just use free online resources.

The point I’m getting at is this: Base the time you spend educating yourself on the time you’ll spend using that education. For instance, right now I’m in Buenos Aires for 30 days. So, from my experience, I should spend 40 times less that time learning the language. I would spend more time if I was living here indefinitely, but I’m only visiting.

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Worry is the disease

I woke up this morning with a rash on my butt. Throughout the day it started covering more area. When I noticed how large it was, worry flooded through me. I hated that. I feel healthy, so it’s probably nothing. It’s probably either something in the water my body is getting used to, detergent used for the bed sheets, or just me sweating more. Whatever it is, I’m sure acclimation to Buenos Aires is the cause, not some disease. Continue reading “Worry is the disease”

How to have better conversations at bars

I’m on a Tim Ferriss kick, and one of the things I notice about Tim Ferriss is that he asks great questions. They make you think about things you wouldn’t typically think of. They challenge you and excite you. He does this for business and lifehacking purposes, but I found another application for great questions: meeting new people. I did this tonight and it worked out wonderfully. Continue reading “How to have better conversations at bars”

Why I traded $65K/yr and great benefits for unemployment

We spend 35% of our waking hours working.

When I first came across this statistic it depressed me.

While not sleeping I was spending 35% of my time making entrepreneurs and corporations I barely knew richer. I wouldn’t have minded this – in fact I would have enjoyed doing it – if the companies had a mission, vision, and product (MVP) I considered meaningful.
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