Home body weight workouts on YouTube I’ve been doing for 4 years

When I was in college I went to the gym at least four days per week. Not because I liked it but because I wanted to make an impression on college girls. Now my primary reason for working out is to feel good and look a little better than I did yesterday.

Both can be achieved without a gym. Continue reading “Home body weight workouts on YouTube I’ve been doing for 4 years”

What’s more important: an experience or a picture?

This article is not intended for professional photographers, hobbyist photographers, or people who get a good deal of satisfaction from taking pictures. If taking photos is meaningful to you, keep doing it. This article is for everyone with a smartphone who takes pictures without knowing why. This used to be me…

There are a few reasons why I used to take more photos than I do now (which is hardly any)… Continue reading “What’s more important: an experience or a picture?”

Life-changing lessons learned from Naval Ravikant

While driving back to Pittsburgh after a month in Florida, I listened to two episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast. They made the 14-hour drive the most productive drive of my life. Each episode featured Naval Ravikant, the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList.

The episodes with Naval are the first Tim Ferriss Show episodes I listened to and, since listening to more, the episodes with Naval remain my favorite. Everything he says in them was new but familiar to me at the time. It all just made sense.

Finding someone who speaks to you like this is rare. Naval revealed life lessons to me that I’ve been trying to uncover for years, only I didn’t know I needed to uncover them. I just knew I was looking for something. He told me what that was. Continue reading “Life-changing lessons learned from Naval Ravikant”

How to lessen sexism and bias with conscious speech

We communicate in one of two ways: body language and speech.

Movement, or body language, is a less conscious act than speech. Of course we can consciously move our muscles and limbs, but when we’re communicating, our body language is on auto-pilot. We’re more aware of our speech — of what we’re saying and how we’re saying it.

But even though we have more control over our speech, we still say things that offend people, history, and the meaning of words. We don’t mean to; most of us are just lazy and don’t know any better. For instance, we call women “guys” when speaking in the plural, and we call people from the United States “Americans” even though they only represent one part of the Americas. Continue reading “How to lessen sexism and bias with conscious speech”

A culture of secrecy: business and (in)human rights

I was talking on the phone with my mom tonight. She was concerned.

Robert, um, I’m a little worried about something, she said. I think you’re being a little too open about your life on your blog. (She was talking about my reflections.) Since you’re applying to jobs, people might not appreciate you talking about your drinking habits, the girls you meet, and other personal things. Continue reading “A culture of secrecy: business and (in)human rights”

Water fast [Day 3 of 3]: How to get a natural head high

This is day 3 of 3 of my 3-day water fast.

It’s pretty simple. You fast for three days. By the afternoon, I felt like I had been given a slight hit of novocain. But instead of staying contained in my mouth, it flooded through to my brain. It wasn’t intense. I would compare it to being perfume-puffed with a baby does of novocain and some adrenaline. My heart was beating faster than normal, but I felt alive. Not necessarily good, but alive. Continue reading “Water fast [Day 3 of 3]: How to get a natural head high”

Water fast [Day 2 of 3]: Fasting means going through withdrawal

This is day 2 of 3 of my 3-day water fast.

As I write this it’s early morning Wednesday. I can’t sleep but I find peace in the fact that I’ve made it more than 48 hours without food. Not much longer to go. I think the main reason I can’t sleep is because I’m not very tired yet. But my mind is also focused on food and my body is buzzing, feeding off its muscle and fat reserves. I’m miserable when my mind isn’t focused on something I enjoy doing or find interesting. I feel good in an strange way the rest of the time.

In all honesty, before occupying my mind with this writing I was very miserable. I even considered breaking my fast. But I’m pushing forward, writing my way through it. Continue reading “Water fast [Day 2 of 3]: Fasting means going through withdrawal”