A movie about being alone, impossible choices, and forgiveness

Worthy: Passengers (Movie)

This is not a movie for critics. Who likes a critic anyways? They’re close-minded. If you’re like me and are naturally critical with movies, turn off your inner critic before watching this. I did and saw it as a lovely, thought-provoking story.
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Transcript of Robert Greene’s Yale talk on radical realism

Worthy: Robert Greene’s Yale Talk on Radical Realism (Transcript)

I don’t typically like transcripts. They’re often wordy and poorly edited. I almost always prefer the audio version of the content. But this one is great. It reads fast and you learn a lot about the “power game” that naturally exists among humans. This game is referred to by Robert Greene as part of the Machiavellian reality. To hold a position of power in life, you need to understand how this game works. Continue reading “Transcript of Robert Greene’s Yale talk on radical realism”

An introduction to stoicism

Worthy: An Introduction to Stoicism (Article)

For Christmas I bought all members of my immediate family a moleskin journal and a hardback copy of The Daily Stoic. I didn’t plan on buying this book. I just knew I wanted to buy everyone a journal and something cool to read. So when I saw three copies left of The Daily Stoic on the bookshelf at Barnes and Noble, my decision became pretty easy. (A copy for my mom, dad, and sister.) Continue reading “An introduction to stoicism”

The Tim Ferriss Show episodes with Naval Ravikant

Worthy: The Evolutionary Angel, Naval Ravikant and Naval Ravikant on Happiness Hacks and the 5 Chimps Theory (Podcasts)

I made the mistake of driving to and from Florida. My starting point was Pittsburgh. I say “mistake” because, during the drive, I listened to two podcasts. These podcasts taught me, among other things, the value of time. Continue reading “The Tim Ferriss Show episodes with Naval Ravikant”

Why I traded $65K/yr and great benefits for unemployment

We spend 35% of our waking hours working.

When I first came across this statistic it depressed me.

While not sleeping I was spending 35% of my time making entrepreneurs and corporations I barely knew richer. I wouldn’t have minded this – in fact I would have enjoyed doing it – if the companies had a mission, vision, and product (MVP) I considered meaningful.
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