One badass Brazilian chic

I met a girl at the club tonight. She didn’t speak any English. We danced a lot. We stared into the depths of each others’ eyes. We were drinking water, pretty sober. She is shy and I am shy. It took quite a bit for us to make a move. We eventually communicated to each other that we should leave. I said I would get a taxi and she said “no, moto.” We walked across the street, both put on helmets. I hopped on the back. It was a great ride, cruising on the hills overlooking the lagoon at 5am. She also told me at one point during the night that she loved Led Zeppelin.  Continue reading “One badass Brazilian chic”

When dieting challenges are a bad idea

While walking home last night my mind was on fire — in a good way. I was battling with the idea of ending my 20-day health restoration challenge. I ended up deciding to. After four days of being vegan and not drinking booze, I realized I was past the tipping point of stress. A fair amount of stress during a challenge is fine, but a ton of stress had the opposite effect of what I was trying to achieve — health. Now I am back to eating and drinking consciously. This is the middle way. Buddha would approve.

So what did I learn from this challenge? Don’t do dietary challenges when you’re traveling with friends. It severely limits the amount of social activities you should attend and the amount of fun you can have at them when food and alcohol is involved. So, yes, I failed, but learned a good lesson. This will save me from a future failure because, if I didn’t do it now, I would have done a dietary challenge in the coming months while in a different country.

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Gravity, air

Day 3 of 20 of health restoration challenge

When you don’t give a shit, everything becomes very easy. You become your natural self. Everything flows. Lately, I’ve been giving a shit and things have been harder to handle than they should.

During high school, one day I was driving my first car, a red chrysler sebring. When doing a rolling stop at a stop sign, out of nowhere I decided to not give a shit anymore – to just let things happen and react in the moment. This attitude lasted for a few days and I felt great. After those few days, I returned to worrying. But if I could have kept that mentality in the forefront of my mind, it may have lasted longer. Continue reading “Gravity, air”

How to start a startup

Worthy: How to Start a Startup by Paul Graham (Essay)

This is the first piece of advice I read on starting a startup, and it may be the best. I find it hard to believe that there is a resource out there that is written so clearly. Even though written in March 2005, almost everything still applies to today’s startup culture. And I think it will still apply in 10 years. Keep this one handy. Continue reading “How to start a startup”

Being carefree instead of combative

Day 2 of 20 of health restoration challenge

Right now I am living in an apartment in a marina. It’s surrounded by walls and a gate. Tonight, because I didn’t have a key to get in the gate, I had to jump it. Even though there are two people living in our apartment – me and my friend – they only give us one key phob. So, tonight, because my phone was dead and our other key phob was out of batteries, I didn’t have much choice. Try explaining this to an agitated Brazilian who doesn’t speak a lick of English. Continue reading “Being carefree instead of combative”

The real reason I do these challenges

Day 1 of 20 of health restoration challenge

When people ask me why I do challenges like this, I reply with something like: “I like challenging my body from time to time.” But this is far from true. It’s a mask for why I’m really doing these challenges. I think the reason I do challenges like this and the 3-day water fast is because I’m looking for something more. Specifically, a leaner body that feels good. Continue reading “The real reason I do these challenges”

20-day health restoration challenge [failed]

Update: I failed this challenge. I learned to do single-focus challenges and not to omit food and alcohol while traveling. It severely limits your ability to have fun during social activities.

I have this condition where sometimes it’s hard for me to breathe normally. It comes when I am stressed or hungover. Today I was hungover and, while taking a nap in my bed, I kept getting visions of people. At one point I thought someone was walking up to my bed. At another point I saw a face next to me in bed. These are flashes, not even moments, but they are quite startling. My reaction to these visions is just a few steps away from hyperventilating. They are awful. Continue reading “20-day health restoration challenge [failed]”

Getting pulled in is easy

I recently wrote about how I will drink less alcohol and rise earlier, but tonight I buried those self-promises. I went out with my new friend Iman at midnight and got back around 4:30am. We had a good time. First we went to a dance club and then hung out outside of a convenience store, drinking some beers with locals in Floripa. They were really cool dudes. A nice guy named Gui even invited us to his home for Carnival. Continue reading “Getting pulled in is easy”