“We’re human beings, my son, almost birds, public heroes and secrets.”

This quote from Roberto Bolano means a lot to me. I quote it everywhere. Taken from the poem Godzilla in Mexico, these words epitomize how I feel about everyone. The people I walk by on the street, my friends and family, the audience I market to.

Children walking along  the streets in Mexico.Though we’re all flawed and, as Bolano puts it, possibly “wrong numbers in this big rotten soup of chance,” we’re also heroes. So heroic that after leaving for home in their spaceship, relaxed and reminiscing, aliens would miss us. They’d even be a little jealous they weren’t us.

That being said, I try to live up to the heroic nature of human beings in all aspects of life.

Three ways I do this is by practicing goodness as a citizen, marketing goodness as a content marketer at MaxCDN, and writing goodness as a fiction writer (publishing story collection in Fall 2015).