Picture of Robert Gibb

As a content scaler I have the same responsibilities as a content marketer but specialize in developing minimum viable content initiatives. After developing and testing a project I work with contributors to grow it at scale.

I also specialize in making existing editorial projects more efficient. For instance, right now I’m working with the open source project Hoodie to scale their weekly newsletter. Having created 100 issues, they now want to leverage the open source community so newsletters are no longer the responsibility of one contributor.

As for industry expertise, over the past two years I have led content initiatives for web performance and security companies. Being with these companies has given me the unique opportunity to collaborate with developers, sysadmins, and, more recently, compliance experts and ethical hackers.

When I’m not doing techie-markety things I’m working on my lifestyle website Meaningful Cafe. And when I’m afk I’m reading Tom Robbins, watching Black Mirror, and traveling. Because I work remotely I’m usually in a different state or country each month.

Currently I’m in Costa Rica.