My main focus is content marketing for startups in the tech space.

I create the content strategy, manage content creators who put the strategy to work, create documentation needed to scale the strategy, and measure KPIs along the way. I also create high-level content and anything else needed to grease the engine of the strategy.

From my experience, web writing is the easiest win for content marketing, so I usually begin there with startups.

Compared to other mediums, it’s the cheapest to create and most performant in terms of SEO and growth.  It also sets the stage for scaling up to sensory content like videos, webinars, podcasts, and other rich media.

The reason I love working with startups is because creativity, disruption, and transparency are welcome. There’s room to explore ideas that competitors are afraid to, or too trapped in processes to be allowed to.

I’m currently powering the content engine at a cool startup called MaxCDN, and in my free time I’m traveling the country and working on my first spec script.

Want to learn more about me? Go ahead and check out my story, kind words from good people, and my employment history. You can also check out causes I support, books I’m reading , and movies I’m watching.

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