My full name is very formal, unlike me.

The name’s Robert Smith Gibb IV.  You can call me Rob though.

I’m motivated, passionate and empathetic – in my career and outside of it. I try not to create too big of a gap between what I do personally and what I do professionally, nor do I create a gap between who I am in person and who I am “on the clock.” I go to work and do what I love – write. And then I come home and do what I love – write.

For me, writing is my career as much as it is my salvation.

Without it, I guess I’d just talk more.  Which sounds terrible, because, while I love getting creative with others, I love the majesty of quiet reflection.  I also love creating landmarks with my words – landmarks people can return to and appreciate over and over again.

Landmarks include …

To create these landmarks and make them valuable, I draw a lot of inspiration from life, its complexities, its people, and the things its people create.

Inspirations include …

  • Movies.  Currently, my favorite movie is Robot & Frank.
  • Music.  Currently, my favorite artist is Grimes.
  • Books.  Currently, my favorite book is The Go-Giver. I live by its laws.
  • Simplicity.  I am a subscriber to Zen Habits.
  • Exercise.  I do a lot of bedroom workouts by HasFit.
  • Yoga.  My favorite “bad yogi” is Erin Motz.

I’m also inspired by that feeling you get when you take off in a plane, headed somewhere new … that feeling you get when you create something new and original and become fearful and excited for what it will become … and that feeling you get when you meet someone new, sincere, and passionate.

What I’m Currently Doing …

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