“We’re human beings, my son, almost birds, public heroes and secrets.”

This quote from Roberto Bolano means a lot to me. I quote it everywhere. Taken from the poem Godzilla in Mexico, these words epitomize how I feel about everyone. The people I walk by on the street, my friends and family, the audience I market to.

Children walking along  the streets in Mexico.Though we’re all flawed and, as Bolano puts it, possibly “wrong numbers in this big rotten soup of chance,” we’re heroes. So heroic that after leaving for home in their spaceship, relaxed and reminiscing, aliens would miss us. They’d even be a little jealous they weren’t us.

For these reasons, I try to live up to the heroic nature of human beings in all aspects of life. Three ways I do this is by practicing goodness as a citizen, marketing goodness as a content marketer at MaxCDN, and writing goodness as a fiction writer (publishing story collection in Summer 2015).


Beliefs as a Content Marketer

Every piece of content I write will mean something to my audience. 

You’ve probably read hundreds of articles online, but only a few have impacted you greatly.

Every time I’m tasked with creating a piece of content, I push myself to make the content impactful and memorable.

In reality, some people are going to read what I write and forget about it. But I don’t think about that – at all. This reality only motivates me more to make what I write even better – to the point where everyone who reads it is inspired by it.

Web copy should be informative and creative, never exaggerated.

You can’t force people to make a decision.

If you try to, you’ll find them making a decision alright: leaving your website and refusing your offer.

What good copy does is inform people of product benefits and opportunity. It skips the sales talk and gets down to brass tacks. It tells people what the offer is and how it can solve their problems.

It does all this in a way that’s smooth and catchy, not wordy and boring.

The best should be recognized as the best.

If a product or service is great, it should be recognized as such.

Despite competition and company size, the cream of the crop should always rise to the top – of wish lists, shortlists, search engines, and more.

This is perhaps my most romantic believe. It’s also what pushes me to write the best copy and content and create the leanest, meanest content marketing strategies. For instance, if a company has a better smartphone than Apple, I’m going to flex my web writing and marketing muscles until they tear and people know about that smartphone.

I’m going to tear a hole through popular perception and expose what’s better.

Robert is great to work with and I’d recommend him – both for his skills as well as his personality – to anyone looking for help getting the copywriting on their website fine-tuned.

Joseph Ranseth, Vine Multimedia

Client recommending Robert Gibb for his web copywriting skills.

Robert is awesome!  In fact, he is so awesome I am almost tempted to tell you he sucks so I can keep him all to myself.  The report he wrote for me was impressive.

Kelly O’Neil, Marketing to Millionaires

Client recommending Robert Gibb for his content writing and SEO skills.

Rob helped us increase organic traffic to our website by 31% in just a few months. He improved on-page SEO and started a modest, yet smart content marketing strategy that brought in new, relevant traffic. I’d be very interested to see what he could do with even a small marketing budget for a larger company. Drinks on me when you come to San Diego, friend!

John Shammas, iSquad Repair

Client recommending Robert Gibb for his content marketing skills.

Robert is an exceptional writer. Not only are his technical skills stellar, he was proactive in coming up with great ideas on his own. He always took care to keep us in the loop on his progress, and his work was timely and sharp.

Terri Phillips, Full Creative

Client recommending Robert Gibb for freelance brand copywriting skills.

Rob was excellent to work with, and he helped us to produce excellent content and internal documentation for our content management processes that will provide value to us for a long time to come.

Scott Valdez, Virtual Dating Assistants

Client recommending Robert Gibb for content management skills.