Make Your Offer Irresistible - And Dominate the Web – with a Freelance Copywriter Who Knows SEO

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some rum luck with freelancers.

Like you, I have employed and managed freelancers (on behalf of some of my clients), and I’ve found that it’s hard to find one who is an expert and easy to talk to.

To me, the perfect freelancer is someone who is down-to-earth and trustworthy. It’s someone who can carry on a conversation, understand your goals, and complete tasks with minimal supervision.

After all, the reason you’re hiring a freelancer is because you don’t have time to learn the skills needed to do the project yourself. Or you have the skills but not the time to put them to use. In either case, time is of the essence. So you shouldn’t have to waste time over-explaining assignments and combing through “completed” work. You need a freelancer who gets it.

The perfect freelancer is also one who sends chills down your arms.

For instance, when you receive an email with an update or completed work, a buzz of possibility should coarse through your veins. You should feel privileged that they’re on your team, that their amazing work is now your own, and that they can create more of it.

Really, each project delivered should feel like a present.

At least that’s my take on it, and it’s the exact freelancer I strive to be.

It’s even the kind of freelancer I’ve been called by owners of multi-million dollar companies, entrepreneurs who I respect the hell out of, and project managers at the nation’s top digital marketing agencies.

Here’s what some clients and digital marketing agencies have said about me …

Rob has done a fantastic job! Great writing skills, adhere’s to the brief, feedback, and deadlines. I will definitely hire him again!

- Maria B., Aussie entrepreneur

I am crying tears of JOY over here. This is amazing. So awesome, Rob. Please proceed to publish.

- SEO Project Manager,

If you’re still with me, that means I’ve caught your interest, and I’m so glad. Because that means you care. About quality, authenticity, and – most important – your business and the people you serve.

So let me tell you a little more about myself, then we’ll get started.

Who Exactly is This Freelance Copywriter and Marketer? And How Can He Make Such Promises?

My full name is Robert Smith Gibb IV, but you can call me Rob.

As a freelancer, I live for being the absolute best at what I do. I take new courses to improve the impact my copywriting has on people; I read about SEO best practices from the brightest in the industry; and I always focus on creating value – for you and your clients or customers.

As a regular guy, I live for experiencing and appreciating all things natural, man-made, entertaining and good.

Here’s me, in a nutshell … 


  • 1+ years agency experience
  • 2+ years freelance experience
  • copywriting
  • seo
  • website auditing
  • content management


  • creating value w/ my words
  • studying your biz
  • meeting entrepreneurs
  • traveling the u.s.
  • movies, music, books
  • home yoga & workouts

As you’ll learn when we talk about your web copywriting and online marketing needs, I don’t create a big gap between me and “freelancer me.”

Instead, I like to keep things open, friendly, and conducive to creativity while doing what I do best.

What do I do best, you ask?

Well, as a freelance web copywriter and marketer, I write copy for your website that sells your product. (This copy helps you get found on Google, too.) Then – if requested – I market your product online so people can find it, see the value in it, and convert from antsy web surfers to satisfied customers.

How I Craft Copy that Makes Your Offer Irresistible

A lot of copywriters write in a conversational way that flows smoothly and call it solid copy. They think all that’s needed are succinct sentences and bulleted lists of features and benefits.

Well, succinct sentences are good. And mentioning features and benefits is absolutely necessary. But that’s not all that’s included in copy that generates leads, sells products, and inspires action.

What’s included in copy that works - whether it’s copy for a sales page, landing page, home page, or service page – is a great deal of psychology.


Now that’s a pretty general term, right?

But it’s exactly what copywriters, marketers, and researchers have used to discover the 4 essential ingredients of all winning copy.

I make your offer irresistible with these 4 essential ingredients:

  • Promise
  • Picture
  • Proof
  • Push

And there they are.

But as you can tell, these ingredients are a little obscure if you don’t know what they involve. Also, all of these ingredients aren’t necessary for every piece of copy.

For instance, an “About Us” page doesn’t need all of these ingredients to build trust. And, similarly, a “How it Works” or “Who It’s For” page doesn’t require all of these ingredients to give people the information they need to take the next step.

The bottom line is that I only use what works … what people need. I never write “fluff” and I always put myself in your readers’ shoes so I can experience the copy just like them.

This is how I build trust around your offer.

This is how I make your offer irresistible.

What SEO and Online Marketing Tactics I Use to Help You Dominate the Web

Online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Compared to copywriting, these are just babies in the world of marketing. Which means that if anyone tells you they have a “proven plan” to bring endless amount of organic traffic to your website, they’re lying. The web just hasn’t been around long enough – plus the landscape is always changing.

Not even the best SEOs can keep up. And, to be honest, not even Google employees can keep up. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, and at this point in time, it’s impossible to know what strategies will work and continue to work.

But there’s good news.

When you start an SEO and online marketing strategy, you instantly have an advantage over your competitors that aren’t investing in SEO and online marketing.

You know those companies who are ranking ahead of you on Google? Well, they didn’t get there overnight. They implemented an SEO strategy long ago. And they have continued to keep it dynamic among Google’s algorithm changes and the rise of new social media platforms, content distribution channels, and link building tactics.

The question remains though  …

How do I help you dominate the web, especially when there’s no proven formula?

Quite simply, I help you dominate the web by creating an online marketing strategy and implementing it.

Not just any strategy, but one that’s a special product of my active involvement in the SEO community, my experience with special tools and platforms, and my experience with what works and what doesn’t.

Like the section above where I revealed the 4 essential ingredients of winning copy, I’m going to reveal my SEO and online marketing tactics, right here, right now. And as a present, I’m also going to give you something immediately useful. A tool that you can start using today to increase the flow of targeted traffic to your website.

I help you dominate the web with these tactics:

  • Creating an on-site SEO strategy – and implementing it.
  • Creating an off-site SEO strategy – and implementing it.
  • Monitoring the impact of these strategies, and adjusting if needed.
  • Setting you up with journalists, media outlets, and popular bloggers.
  • Optimizing your existing website for conversion optimization and SEO.

If you want to rise higher in search engine result pages (SERPs), get referral traffic, be found in more places online, and turn mere traffic into sales, these are the steps you need to take. And since you’re busy building your business, making new connections, and managing staff, I can take these steps for you.

But I didn’t forget. I promised you a secret tool. A tool that can bring tons of great people with great needs to your website at minimal cost.

And that tool is called Outbrain.

It’s a cost-per-click service that puts links to your great content at the end of articles on CNN, Fox News, The Guardian, and more. You can also target people in the States or the entire world.

The only thing is, since it’s a cost-per-click service, you have to know how to use it correctly. If you don’t, you could end up paying $1 per click. And the ROI on that just isn’t there.

I can help you manage your content on this platform, or you can start using it on your own today. You choose!

Also, keep in mind that Outbrain is just one of the many tools I use to haul guaranteed traffic into your website as I work on your SEO strategy. As you’ll soon realize, I like results. And since an SEO strategy can take some time, Outbrain and other tools are good for seeing results that are immediate.

There’s more where that came from!

Your New Freelancer has the Experience … the Skills … the Passion

Up to this point, I’ve given you examples of my experience and skills. And if you want more insight, you can check out my resume and writing samples. But experience and skills are things many copywriters and online marketers can deliver. What all of these specialists can’t deliver, however, is passion.

It’s no secret that copywriting and online marketing can be profitable types of careers. But the copywriters and SEO pros who earn that money (not me, not yet!)  and generate real results for their clients are people who have passion. I have that passion and I pair my passion for the industry with my passion for your biz.

The reality is, writing web copy and marketing products on a freelance basis is extremely gratifying for me.

I love it all from start to finish: meeting you, learning about your business, studying your product, gauging your competition, and ultimately writing your copy and growing your online visibility.

These are the things that get me excited for the day and help your business grow.

I really do have passion and a knack  for this, and I’m ready to show you.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of having your very own freelance copywriter – one who gets it, gets you, and gets the web – contact me today.

Let’s Talk, Rob!