Picture of Robert GibbI love reading about and practicing all kinds of philosophies and religions. Karma, rebirth, and Vedic teachings currently fascinate me, as well as Neil Gaiman.

When I’m not reading, I’m writing.

I write about web performance and security at StackPath. When I’m not writing there I create guides that help the everyman do meaningful things. This project is called Meaningful Cafe and just launched. Also, I occasionally chisel away at a block of paper in an attempt to reveal a spec script.

When I’m not writing, I’m traveling.

In March 2016 I traveled to Casablanca, Chile, a small town an hour west of Santiago. Here I stayed with a family who was part of the WWOOF project. It was the simplest my life has ever been. I picked and shelled walnuts all day, played with the farm dogs, and read South American literature.

After getting back from Chile I decided to work remote so I could travel more. I’m doing something big in 2017. Ask me about it.

When I’m not traveling I’m…

Watching movies, writing here, playing paintball, lifting weights and running, listening to music, drinking good drinks, wondering if my baseball cards are still worth anything, thinking about buying a bass guitar, and eating a plant-based diet.